Flying with a virtual helmet

Hello, I mainly fly with Fs2020 and with the quest2 (virtual helmet) under Vatsim but the problem is that in the helmet I can’t see the vpilot window so I can’t see the text messages or the controllers with their frequencies. mods exist to see in the helmet Littlenavmap, navigraph but nothing for Vpilot? Pilots using virtual helmets, how do you do it? THANKS

What is a Virtual helmet?

But in seriousness daveblackuk/VSR: Vatsim Radio (VSR) - MSFS 2020 toolbar app for VATSIM ( maybe this could help?

Thank you for your reply. I did not know this program or this group. I will test and come back to tell you if it corresponds to my wish. THANKS

Good morning. This is exactly the program I needed. thanks again