Flying in Observer mode using X-Pilot

Hi all,

Total newbie to Vatsim so please excuse my dumb question.

I’d like to fly in Observer mode using XP12. But reading the documentation it looks like Observer mode for XPilot is different from VPilot’s implementation. VPilot simply gives you the option to log on in Observer mode. XPilot requires you to file a flight plan and then join with an A suffix to your callsign. As I understand it, this wouldn’t then allow me to fly the aircraft without being seen by other Vatsim traffic.

Is there any way to fly in Observer mode in XPlane 12.

Hi, I think this “suffix A” is referring to using Observer Mode while sharing a cockpit. For such operations the “co-pilot” shall be in OBS Mode and login to VATSIM with the same callsign as the “captain”, adding the suffix “A”, e.g. AAL1234 and AAL1234A.

Otherwise you should be able to simply select OBS Mode in any of the available pilot clients and go about your way. Nobody should be able to see you while you can see and hear everyone else.

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Thank you Andreas, I’ll give it a go.

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When using proper software for a shared cockpit flight, then yes.