Flying a Star and ATC sends you DIRECT

When flying a STAR with step down altitudes, and ATC gives you a DIRECT to a waypoint several waypoints down the road, can you immediately descend to that waypoints (lower) altitude, or do you have to have an additional ATC directive to the lower altitude ?

Do whatever ATC instructs you to do. If in doubt, ask for clarification.

When receiving a “direct to” clearance, you are no longer following the published STAR routing, so you would not immediately descend to that waypoint altitude without additional ATC instruction or clarification. Since you are now off-route, there could potentially be conflicting obstacles and terrain between your current position and the direct to fix. ATC will work with you to continue your descent. If there are no ATC services provided, you would determine if an immediate descent to that lower altitude is appropriate.

Thanks! Dont want to fly into any cummulogranite if not necessary !

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