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Hi there,
I got Flight Simulator Deluxe as a gift but my PC has no disk drive (and the external one, that just for regular DVDs doesnt’ work) is there a way around this/something I can buy to install the software?
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What simulator exactly?

Hi Malcolm,
This is it:

If you check the FAQ linked on that Amazon page you posted, you will see that In extreme circumstances, you can install the game directly from the Microsoft store app. The instructions on how to do this can be found within the included manual. However, you will still need to have disc 1 inserted into your drive to be able to launch and play the game.

This sounds to me like it is possible to download and install MSFS without the physical disk, but even then you’d still need the disk 01 in a disk drive (rather hard to do if you don’t have one) to run the simulator. To get around that issue, I imagine you have only three options: buy a disk drive for your PC (there are also plenty of external disk drives that you don’t need to build into your PC), contact Microsoft support to see if they can change your license to allow for not requiring the physical disk, or refund the physical version and buy yourself the digital version (either from the Microsoft Store or from Steam).

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Thanks for the advice David,
I do have a(n external) disc drive that i plug in via USB port, but it didn’t appear to work, perhaps its not sophiticated enough, is there a specific type I need to buy (I guess the price of that would determine what direction I go with this,

Microsoft said no, I coud’nt get a refund and my external DVD drive doesn’t work, is there a specific type of External DVD drive that works?
Could a USB stick work? (I’m guessing it may have to massive?)

My advice is buy it off steam or buy P3D V5 or XP12

Unless your external DVD drive is faulty it should be recognised by windows, check in your device manager if it shows up when connected and also check if the drivers for it are installed.
If the above checks out insert the disc and see if you can hear it spinning up, if not you could always buy a new usb drive for around £/$/€ 20.00.

Its showing up in my device manager as working properly, and yes I can hear it spinning up too , but nothing flashes up on my screen

Just to confirm it is Disc 1 that is loaded?
If it is it could still be a faulty drive, could you perhaps borrow a known good one and try that?