Flight Plan wont File

I use V-Pilot with MSFS2020. I’ve flown multiple fliight since the latest update. I logged onto Vatsim as usual. Prefiles the plan as usual and got the notification that the flight plan was filed. Using Vatspy to check to see if it loaded and no flight plan shows up. Waited 10 minutes and tried to refile the same plan and get message call sign in use, refile in 90 seconds. Does this every time i try to file. I dont want to disconnect MSFS as I have a flight in Progress. Thanks for any Solutions. Eddie

Are you making absolute sure that you are logging onto the network with the same exact callsign you filed on the prefile page?

Yes I am absolutely sure. It’s the only call sign i use on vatsim. Thanks Eddie

You don’t have to disconnect MSFS, you just have to disconnect from the network.