Flight Plan Filing System Suggestion

Whilst I’m not opposed to the flight plan filing system, is there a way to set it to retain the information from the previous flight as it did with VPilot. I use PFPX rather than SimBrief, so I have to manually type in all the flight plan information since the option to import it from SimBrief obviously wouldn’t work here, and given that I usually fly the same airline and airplane, it gets cumbersome if I have to type the same things over and over again in the remarks section or even equipment code and such.

PFPX can output the ICAO FPL, the filing system can import the ICAO FPL, just copy/paste them over.

Have you tried the Beta version of the flight plan form? There’s a link right on the normal flight plan page (or just use this link: https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan/beta)