Flight plan deleted after verifying the connection

I’ve used Vatsim website to file flight plan for a while now, but recently when I file a flight plan for the first time it always checks if my connection is secure:

I understand why Vatsim introduced this safety method. However, every time it finishes checking, it always comes to the same error and I had to redo my flight plan from scratch which is annoying. I would be fine with this had my flight plan been saved after the security check.

Is there something wrong on my end or is it a bug from a new security implementation by Vatsim?

Hi, do you create your flightplans through SimBrief and then select the function “Prefile on network”? If not, consider doing this, because you can simply select this function again without the need to manually fill in all the fields of the VATSIM flightplan form.

In any case, are you sure there is no script blocker or firewall function blocking access to VATSIM?

Ah about firewall I’ve recently installed Cloudflare Warp. I’ll try removing it and see if it helps.

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It might be sufficient to add an exception for this firewall so it will not block VATSIM services.