Flight Plan Changes in Flight via vPilot

I read about the changes to vPilot in a previous topic, unfortunately it has been closed.

Has anyone considered what to do if you need to amend or change the FP enroute?

I’m asking because on a flight today I had to change my cruise level and when I tried to do that via the browser it wouldn’t allow me to do so because my callsign was in use. So, I am required to disconnet from VATSIM, change my FP, file it, then log back on.

In the past, I could just change it via vPilot while online.

I understand technology advances, however, we should control the technology: not the other way around. I’m sure my post is not going to change anything but it leaves me wondering why complicate parts of the process? Logging off to change/amend a flight level (when no controller is working the airspace)?

Flight simming should be fun. The future looks interesting indeed.

When you change your planned cruise level while inflight and outside active airspace, you don’t need to do anything on your FPL. As soon as you talk to ATCO again, either ask them to kindly amend your flightplan, although they will probably have done that already by the time you will be asking them :slight_smile:

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Also to add to what Andreas has said, if your flight plan was ever amended by ATC at any time while you were online, even via the old way, a pilot could never change it.

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It is true that there is no need to change the level, but if you need to disconnect for a while and return, the flight plan no longer exists, it expires and it can only be done on the ground, should I start the flight again?

You can simply file your flight plan again before you reconnect.

This is incorrect. You do not have to be on the ground.

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