Filed Flightplans not logged at yet where visible in VATSPY is logged via StatSim


Noticed this before that it happens that a flightplan is not logged by the stats of VATSIM itself, yet the flightplan was visible on VATSPY and also tracked and logged by StatSim.

Recent example1: (no flightplan)
Flight info | StatSim (with flightplan)

Recent example2: (no flightplan (flight 9 april)
Flight info | StatSim (with flightplan)

What is happening here? How is the flightplan lost in the stats?


Probably the same case as this "No Plan Filed" on my flight status - #3 by 1277383


I’m not sure, the flightplans were in the (FSD) system and flown and also visible,
for example on VATSpy.

This seems not to be a incident, seems too common/frequent for that?