Feedback: Please revert to old flight plan filing system

Yea, I know I am beating a dead horse, but I also know that in the last weeks, whenever I’ve thought, “hey, let’s do a flight”, I’ve been confronted with the really annoying flight planning procedure.

Before, I could plan on Simbrief, copy/paste or import and off we go. No new browser windows, no “what is your equipment”, nothing.

Please find a way to simplify things, filing a flight plan just plain sucks now. ATC programs are still too expensive and fidgety, but that is going to change soon. Let’s try to keep ahead of them.

Hi Terry,

The “pre file on network” button on Simbrief prefills everything for you, it’s not any longer a process than downloading a file and having to import it into vPilot. If y ou pick the correct aircraft type and such, simbrief actually does all of the autofilling (including equipment codes etc) for you.

I’m still not clear on how the process now is any worse, or longer than before.


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Hi Phil, thanks for your constructive reply (while others just gasp rudely). I will try what you said with other aircraft, but it did not work with some GA planes, like the Trislander. Before, I could just open the vPilot module, add a destination, a couple of waypoints and go. Now it’s a whole other browser process with - let’s face it - useless information (like “equipment”).

Whilst I understand why you think equipment codes and such are useless, in some areas of the network they’re very important. We simulate realism on the network, so filing an equipment code where you deem yourself non-RNAV capable (as an example) will change the service you receive, the STARs you fly, or SIDs you depart on.

I’ve done a bit of googling and found this profile for the islander, it could be used until Simbrief build a proper profile for the trislander.

Either way for reference this is the typical setup:

Equipment codes: SDFGRZ
Transponder: C
PBN Code: D2 (if using GPS, D4 if not)


Appreciate it!