Feature Request vPilot: Volume control via in plane volume knobs

Hi, Lets start of by saying I really enjoy using vPilot over any other pilot client at the moment due to its simplicity. There is only one big issue: Controlling the vPilot audio output. Yes you could technically bind this through windows and on a specific application but this is not really user friendly. It would be amazing if vPilot could support in sim voice volume knobs and adjust volume that way.

It happens way too often that different controllers have different volumes. Or maybe you just want to put DEL on a lower volume after receiving clearance and during preparation. A feature like this will help a lot.



This has been discussed in the Working Title Discord.
The variable names have been identified as: ‘COM VOLUME:1’ or ‘COM VOLUME:2’ or ‘COM VOLUME:3’

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It would be great indeed, with flybywire adding the selcal support soon it would also enhance oceanic flying and in general realism

Well I hope it will be added. As more long haul planes for MSFS will start to roll out soon it would be nice to have working volume control knobs in the plane for oceanic airspace.

Just echoing the need for this. Monitoring ATIS on a descent is difficult when the ATIS is louder then the current atc frequency. I currently double click to get a text read out of atis.

I also would like to Bump this up again. This would be great. :slight_smile:

I agree, loved this feature when flying in XP and I miss it so much in MSFS. Please vatsim staff consider bringing volume control to vPilot