Feature request: Split COM1/COM2


i know this topic was allready closed, but i dont understand.
The answer is everytime the same - it is not possible with AFV.

But why it works in xPilot (yesterday tested with XP11&XP12)?

There you can:
a) split COM1/COM2
b) change the volume for each COM

So please look again this importet Feature-Request.
It would be a massive improvement for vPilot (and all Home-Cockpit users)

Thanks in advance & regards,


You are right Thomas!
For most of the simmers and 3rd party developers this would be a highly appreciated feature.

So please take a look into it and consider to bring this update to make Vpilot the same as Xpilot.

All the best.

Yes, i also need this!

Need this for my own Level of realism, too.

Same here, would highly appreciate having this feature.

xPilot does not use the same AFV client library that vPilot does. I did not write the AFV code, it is maintained by other parties. They will need to update the AFV client library before I can add this to vPilot.

Rest assured, if/when the AFV client library gets updated (I may have to do it myself eventually) I will add this capability to vPilot. My plan is to have the ability to route each radio to a different audio device AND specify which channel (left or right) so you could use the same headset for both, with one radio in each ear. This is something I have wanted in my own home cockpit for a long time to make it easier to listen to ATIS in one ear and ATC in the other. (I find that works better than just having different volume levels.)

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Dear Ross,

first of all: MANY THANKS that you have an eye on this request :slight_smile:
If there is anything what we can do (help, search, test, whatever …) - please let us know!

My plan is to have the ability to route each radio to a different audio device

This will be perfect for Home-Cockpit users. There you have the possible to map Audio1 => VHF1, Audio2 => VHF2 … and then you can select over the intercom system, which VHF (1,2,1+2) do you want hear on what Audio-Devices (Headset CPT, FO, Loudspeaker etc.). And there you can also change the volume level for each Audio-Channel (VHF1,2, etc.)

AND specify which channel (left or right) so you could use the same headset for both

This will be great for PC/Small Home-Cockpit users, and it should be optional to enable

I dont know if it possible, but if the AFV needs to be adjusted anyway, perhaps it is possible to make sending on both COM1/2? So that CPT can speak on VHF1, and FO on VHF2. That will make a complete Cockpit/Intercom-Implementation as in the Airliners (Airbus, Boeing etc.) possible.

Yeah, if we’re going to support separate audio devices for each radio, it would only make sense to have that work for both TX and RX. This will require separate PTT definitions for each radio as well.

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I had understood that the AfV developer, Gary Oliver, had abandoned VATSIM with what might be assumed to be “mixed feelings” to someone more charitable than I. If so, it looks like you might be the best (only?) person to undertake any updates to the library. As if you didn’t have enough to do… :unamused:

No, I’m far from the only developer that could do the work.

Good to know, thanks.


Having the option to TX/RX on both VHF frequencies would be excellent! and great step towards “as real as can be” for us Home Cockpit builders and other enthusiasts!