Euroscopes behaviour with geographic coordinates


I noticed some weird behaviour regarding geographic coordinates in the FPL. The official IFPS format (e.g. 462013N0580503W) is not generally accepted / correctly plotted by ES.

Only if the coordinate contains just degrees and minutes, but no seconds, Euroscope is able to plot the coordinate. However there is some hickup and sometimes the coordinate is not plotted at all, depending on ADES/ADEP and the present position of the aircraft.
If the coordinate contains seconds additionally, sometimes a line straight up into infinity is drawn or sometimes straight to the east/west.

Is there any chance to implementating the officially accepted IFPS format for coordinates? Rf. IFPS Users Manual | EUROCONTROL, section 75 (“Points”).

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Would you please, paste a flilght plan that causes the problems? That would make debugging easier.

From (82.3)

The IFPS shall accept an indication of location as a named navigation beacon, a set of
geographical coordinates, or as a bearing and range from a named navigation beacon.


A position may be expressed as a bearing and range from a significant point, where 3 digits
for the bearing and 3 digits for the distance shall immediately follow the significant point name
from the navigation aid. The correct number of digits shall be made up, where necessary, by
the insertion of zeros.

LN180040 indicates a point 180° magnetic at a distance of 40 nautical miles from ‘LN’
DUB090050 indicates a point 90° magnetic at a distance of 50 nautical miles from ‘DUB’

Geographical co-ordinates shall consist of either 2 degrees latitude followed by 3 degrees
longitude, or 2 degrees and 2 minutes latitude followed by 3 degrees and 2 minutes longitude
or by 2 degrees, 2 minutes and 2 seconds latitude followed by 3 degrees, 2 minutes and 2
seconds longitude.

Note The IFPS will automatically accept those coordinates where one digit is missing, and
will add a 0 (zero) to the front of the incomplete coordinate, provided that the first
digit present is not a 0 (zero).

4N40W and 04N40W accepted as 04N040W
4N04W and 04N04W rejected
400N40000W and 0400N4000W accepted as 0400N04000W
400N0400W and 0400N0400W rejected

A real route in Brazil playbook:

SBKP DORLU DCT 2318S04427W DCT 230228S0430019W SBMI