Euroscope - When is flightplan IsAmended()?

Hello guys,

can somebody explain when a flightplan returns true for the check IsAmended()?

I assumed that the check would return true as soon as a controller edited flightplan information (which needs amending)
It seems like the check returns false when you’re logging in and there are already amended flightplans and only true if a flightplan is amended after you have logged in.


I got a reply from Gergely meanwhile and IsAmended() is only true if a specific string is send by the Vatsim servers (I think it was “A*”) but I in my tests I found that this is highly unreliable. E.g. if you connect and another controller was connected before you and amended a flightplan this flightplan is shown as not amended for you (so IsAmended() evaluates to false).

So it really can only work if you’re online and then some flightplan is amended, otherwise you might get false negatives.