EuroScope v3.2.9

There are issues with the depiction of routes, when a certain waypoint is twice in the database (5-letter waypoint, VORs, local names, etc.). An example is TNT - a VOR that is in northern Italy and southern England. All aircraft in the vicinity of Switzerland (not necessarily flying through Switzerland) are notified to me, as ES takes the Italian TNT for making these calculations.
When drawing a route of a flight, ES takes the closest waypoint available to the aircraft. Instead of taking the one closest to the previous/following waypoint or taking into account the airways.
It’s nothing new, it exists since the introduction GNG(?) with a huge database of points.

This might be related or even the exact same thing as Route drawing prefers isec over airway data - EuroScope - VATSIM Community

There is no command, but ES automatically queries the METAR in ever 5 minutes. So a server temporary unavailability should not cause long problems.

Can you send me an example. The best would be to have it with LOG file as well. Then the actual plane position can be also used in the test.

Do not you happen to have a LOG for that?

I do not know how to create/view logs.

In the connect dialog, you have a button to start logging to a file.

Ah I see. Is there a difference between that and the automatically generated log file being asked to save when closing?

Ok, that’s strange. I did not see the METAR recover within that timeframe. Actually some of the METARs which started with this random letters didn’t recover during the entire session although the acessibility of METAR data was fine around 15 min into the session.

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Same for me. 3.2.3 reloaded it and showed normally after an update.

3.2.9 remained with the strange letters untill restarting ES.

I’ve set 2000 as do not auto correlate but it still does. I’m not sure if it exists only in 3.2.9.

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In my latest session, I’ve observed that colour marking for unread messages in the chat box does not extend to a second line, should the message be that long. The first line of a new message is then as usual, and the second line will have the colour as if it was read already.

Today i have installed v3.2.9 after v3.2.6; and with this new version of ES; i am facing the Sector Exit List with overlapping flight strips, unsure what to do?

And some alien text in METAR

unfortunately have to close the session

When the number of message lines is increased above 4, it is no longer possible to mark messages as read.

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Thx for the report. Where do the texts in your list come from? Are they original ES TAG items or do they come from a plug-in?

Hi Gergely

Any chance we could know what you are working on next? What your priorities are?

Thanks in advance!



Would it be possible for the target to be displayed when still behind the label, like this:

The two ATM systems I know do this. Maybe it’s a requirement/good practice or it just happens that the two systems I know have this :smiley: