Euroscope V3.2.2

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with the release of version 3.2.2 of Euroscope Edmonton FIR has learned that when an ATIS is online, when sending a text message to a pilot or just in general… the ATIS sends back a message “This is an automated ATIS connection provided by (callsign of position who published the ATIS). no controller received your message”

This is an problem for any controller on the network in our boundry. Any ATIS in the .vis range will get any ATIS message like the above quote.

Please advise if we can address this or not.


Hey, I have a few more questions about this topic:

  1. Does the ATIS just send this message whenever the controller writes a message to a pilot?
  2. Does the ATIS reply to this when an info request is made?
  3. Does the ATIS answer this when a message is written to it?
  4. Does the ATIS answer this when the controller is written to by a pilot?

would be happy if I get an answer. :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Laurin,

thanks for getting back so fast.

  1. Yes it sends a message when a controller writes to a pilot and/or just to the frequency itself.
  2. No
  3. Yes.
  4. No.

Thanks Laurin.
happy to help again if needed!

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There is more issues with the new ATIS setup.

  1. Why do you have to enter a frequency? This already excists in the sectorfile information, it is not realistic to expect the controllers to look up an ATIS frequency everytime they wanna setup one.

  2. Why does it not automatically use/fill in the predefined ATIS maker URL from the sectorfile?

  3. APP should be able to setup more than 1 ATIS. It is common for some APP positions to cover multiple airports.


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Actually it would be nice also for Tower to setup multiple ATIS like Depature and Arrival ATIS

Thanks for the fast reply :smiley:

Will pass the info to our NAV Team

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Unfortunately it seems to be bug in the ATIS connection handling. The frequency messages are not filtered out. I fixed it. There will be an update soon.

Right. I can extract the ATIS frequency from the sectorfile. I will look at it.
On the other hand you should only specify it once and save it in your profile for the next session.
ATIS maker URL is the same. It is stored in the profile, not in the sectorfile.
I also enabled APP to have multiple ATIS.
For TWR there is no way to have departure and arrival ATIS as the callsign is automatic _ATIS.


For TWR there is no way to have departure and arrival ATIS as the callsign is automatic _ATIS.

because it’s coded like that right? Would be nice to have that changed…

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Wouldn’t there be a way to not add _ATIS automatically but rather use the configs like for the other stations?

So if an airport has dep and arr atis there could be stations like A_ATIS and D_ATIS while airports without just use _ATIS?

Actually it would be nice if it would be possible, cause our nave team would like to add Depature and Arrival ATIS but vATIS is no solution for us at VATGER, so if _ATIS is coded maybe it would be possible to add a Checkbox like

  • Depature Atis?
  • Arrival Atis?

when bothe are check both of them will be going online, if no one is check only _ATIS will be online and so on :smiley:

Hope this is a nice Idea.

Thanks in advance for the answer

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Laurin :wave:

As CTR controller, there is a high chance that you need to change the ATIS stations based on the APP sectors covered by other controllers. Usually, you provide an ATIS for the most busiest airport. But when an APP is joining and covering some of the ATIS as well, you need to quickly change the ATIS. So it shouldn’t be assumed that the 4 ATIS stay for the same airports during a session, nor between sessions.

An easy way would be a dropdown list based on the VoiceChannels file (anything that ends with _ATIS). The arrival/departure flag could also be determined automatically if the middle letter is either an A or a D.

Regarding the ATIS maker URL, I noticed that it is no longer the same and adaptions are required (adding the ATIS dialog letter (A-D)). But as I provide the ICAO designator in the very same dialog, should there really be a choice in the URL. Wouldn’t the URL provided in dialog A always refer to that ICAO code in dialog A? Because now you can produce an ATIS in dialog A with airport C. This could make sense if all ATIS were on a single dialog. But it doesn’t add up for me with the current implementation of one ATIS per dialog.

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I’ve additionally noticed during a test session that no text messages can be sent on the primary frequency chat. So I had to communicate via PM with text pilots. Can anyone check if this issue can be reproduced?

Also typing in message window and pressing numpad * to send to prim freq sends it to all ATIS freqs active, not just the prim freq. @904331

Was sitting ENOR_CTR and apparently the ATISes keeps messeging other controllers.

  [15:37:37] LON_E_CTR: Hi, all your ATISes keep messaging me
  [15:38:06] >> What?. what do they send
  [15:38:33] LON_E_CTR: 'this is an automated connection and the message has not being received'
  [15:39:48] >> and does all the 4 atises send messages?
  [15:39:53] LON_E_CTR: SV and BR now
  [15:39:57] LON_E_CTR: think the ones in my range
  [15:40:56] >> guess a new bug with the new Euroscope release
  [15:42:42] >> Its so strange. That only you get them. 
  [15:42:48] LON_E_CTR: LON_S got them also earlier
  [15:49:01] >> and just to confirm. You are not cross coupeling any freqencies in AFV?
  [15:49:06] LON_E_CTR: nope
  [15:49:24] >> will report it then.

Just received a ping from an ATIS owned by me (one not owned by me). It triggered when I sent a chat message on prim freq.

If you can extract the ATIS frequency from the sectorfile though, you can also extract the callsign out of the ese and use this as logon, no? Its not quite clear to me, why you’re creating the callsign by adding _ATIS to the ICAO, instead of using the callsign defined in the .ese.

Would be really nice to have the option for departure and arrival ATIS in euroscope, which may be achieved by extracting the callsign out of the ese file. The need for it is there, as you can see on the network and many pilots and controller would thank you for a feature like that.

New version out. Thank you GC for your development!

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According to the discussions in the VATEUD discord, ATIS maker urls without the letters won’t allow to send the ATIS request.

ATIS update messages to other controllers are still duplicated (you get two messages with the same content right after each other). The same happens to function calls by plugins originating from edit fields (OpenPopupEdit). There is no issue when you send a fixed value (as it is also the case for the ATIS message). But it causes issues when the function called uses a logic based on dynamic values.
Example: a function toggling ADES and alternate. Using such a function regularly will show no change, because ADES and alternate are initially changed, but because the function is then called again, they are immediately switched back.
This is only one example of an issue that is around for quite some time. I’m sure it’s only a minor logic thing somewhere in the core which could potentially solve a number of resulting issues (maybe even some where the relation is not that obvious).