EuroScope v3.2.2.2 and v3.2.3.1

Due to security reasons, clients that does not support token based authentication will not able to connect to VATSIM.

Seeing that newer releases are less stable than the version before v3.2.4, I created two new (old) releases that are the same as original v3.2.2 and v3.2.3, but the authentication uses tokens. Please, uninstall any release you may have before installing these versions.

All prior releases are removed, they can not be downloaded anymore.

Download the old version via EuroScope site.

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The link text on your linked page incorrectly says v3.3.3!
Also your post here mention 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 :thinking: :sweat_smile:

“VATSIM would abandon all clients that does not support token based authentication.” Could pick some better words. Abandoning clients isn’t really what is happening here. The changes are security related.

Is there any information on when the clients without token based auth will be unable to connect to the network? Because we still use one of the 3.2.1 beta releases.


Sorry for my English. I changed the description in all places.

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thank you!

Hi Gergely,

We are still using the latest 3.2.1 beta release. It’s a result of some changes in 3.2.2 plugin environment, which were not announced.

How much time do we have to migrate? It will take some time.


+1 on this. It would be good to understand how much time we have to migrate our users.

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  • v3.2.9 :wink:

An update is published to the old releases. I uses the same TOKEN for ATIS connections that was requested at connect. As these tokens expired ATIS was failed to connect. The updates versions requests tokens for every ATIS connection.