EuroScope uses old protocol 8 when simulating ATC

Experiencing an issue with simulated ATC: When protocol 9 is used (connect to VATSIM unticked), simulated ATC still uses protocol 8, which isn’t implemented in FSD v3 draft 9. See the video in the attachments for a better understanding.
======== Above is the original email. I sent it to two months ago, but no response, have to post it here.
the video

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First of all, your FSD may be FSD 4.0 , this version of FSD is too old and doesn’t support the Protocol 9 , is not support the new EuroScope, you can try to change the open source code to realize this function!
Secondly, according to VATPRC local policy, the topsky sectors you are using are restricted to VATSIM platforms only, you are violating VATPRC sector local policy by using them in your own build of the FSD, and I understand that you, as a member of X***sim’s administration, are taking the lead in violating VATPRC’s local policy, is that right?


First of all, you didn’t watch the technical information in the video at all or didn’t know anything about FSD protocol. If you did one of them, you’ll know FSD 4 uses protocol 9, and in the video protocol 8 was used by EuroScope in case Vatsim protocol is unticked. Second, I actually used vector provided by vatprc just for bug reporting purpose since it’s developed by one of the most famous online flight-simulation network, so it won’t have bugs like using protocol 8. Of course I can use sector developed by ourselves, then you will say ‘It must be your sector’s problem!’. Third, both vatsim and ivao’s FSD server is proprietary, but as you seen, 1012 made PyFSD open source under MIT license so everybody can make their network easily. This thread is a common bug report thread, I posted it here so the bug can be fixed and flight-simulation networks’ll become more harmony. And now, you’re taking the lead in breaking the friendship between flight-simulation networks, is that right?

Thank you for your reply.
According to VATPRC local policy TopSky sectors are “for use on VATSIM networks only”, it is clear that use on your private network is a violation of the policy and I will bring it to the attention of the VATPRC department.
I reviewed the FSD code for the protocol definition file in fsd.cpp and if you had looked at the code carefully you would not have raised this issue.
If you are using a customized FSD, please check that your FSD’s definition of protocol 9 is valid, and that the protocol method is specified when you make the initial request.

As of Euroscope version 3.2c, protocol 9 is supported, unless you are using an outdated and unsupported client, you will be forced to jump to protocol 8.

As an additional reminder, according to the VATSIM Code of Conduct, A. General Rules of Conduct A4, you should use your real name and not steal another person’s name.

A technical note on the FSD.cpp mentioned above.
If you are using a self-constructed copy of FSD, you may have left out the definition of Protocol, and as a result, FSD.cpp does not accurately recognize the connection you are requesting and the

Protocol 9 you are proposing. During the linking process, there is a handshake similar to the one used by TLS to ensure that both parties are using the Protocol 9 protocol. If the client/server rejects this handshake, it will step back and use Protocol 8.

Thank you for submitting this issue to the EuroScope community, but it is clear that this issue is not an existing problem with EuroScope and that you may be using an outdated client or an unsupported FSD.
Also, according to the standard issue feedback format, you should provide information about your FSD server, EuroScope client and I don’t see any of this information in your feedback, how do you expect us to help you solve the issues?

Thank you for your reply.
So you still refuse to watch the video then complain about the missing of existing information in the video and thinking 1012 must doing something wrong with protocol. If you watched the video, you’ll find the first #AA request (simulated controller) from EuroScope uses protocol 8.

Okay, I watched your video.
Where can I find information about the EuroScope version?
And who is 1012?
Your FSD source code?
You don’t seem to have provided any such information.

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry, the version information of EuroScope is missing. It’s v3.2.9.
About 1012, it’s mentioned in the third message, the author of PyFSD. Check the log, you’ll find it’s PyFSD commit d72d5ce. By search PyFSD using, you can find the source since I mentioned it’s open source. If you really wants to check if there’re some problem of protocol, you can also check the video.

Thank you for your reply.
Since the code is not open source, I can’t say for sure what problem he is causing, but I asked numerous developers and EuroScope 3.2.9 doesn’t have protocol related problems, you should change FSD to check if the problem is caused by your FSD, my test environment is 3.2c with PrivateFSD (supports protocol 9) and 3.2.8 with PrivateFSD, after testing both clients have protocol 9 connection to the server, you should look for issueswith your FSD.

Thank you for your reply.
So you still refuse to watch the video carefully. The bug only appears if you use simulation controller.
Tried just now, the problem still occur even if the server is FSD 4 so it’s definely a bug of EuroScope. Consider fix the bug instead of venting your frustration in VATPRC QQ group?