Euroscope sweatbox towerview

Hey everybody,

I was wondering wether you can create a towerview session with Euroscope on a sweatbox session. I tried but the aircrafts don’t show up.
Any idea?

Euroscope doesn’t create aircraft with the velocity packets that pilot clients require for tower view so unless Euroscope is updated you will not be able to see aircraft on towerview.

Towerview worked also before Velocity, so this shouldn’t be a limiting factor. Did you use vPilot and connected it via the Towerview mode?

Always worked and still working, but not in a sweatbox session seems like

Tower view doesn’t work in Sweatbox sessions. It’s a different solution but as it seems, it only works in P3D V1/V2 and FSX.

that page is simply outdated, tower view works with all common flight simulators

In online sessions, yes. In simulated sessions, tower view is disabled.