EuroScope Simulator 'SIMTIME'?

Can anyone explain the concept of “SIMTIME” in version 3.2.3 in the log file when a scenario file is running, please. Here’s an excerpt…
[14:56:56 <<<2 EGPH_M_GND]

[14:56:57 >>>> EGPH_M_GND]

[00:01:06 >>>> EGPH_M_GND]

[00:21:43 <<<2 EGPH_M_GND]

[00:00:00 <<<2 EGPH_M_GND]

I was EGPH_M_GND running a scenario for about an hour. A logfile over 2 million lines long was generated but can’t be replayed in PLayback Logfile connect mode. The clock in the connect dialog goes to 00:01:06 and never goes any further, presumably because of the break in timestamp sequence after that.
This makes it impossible to replay sessions - an extremely useful feature of previous versions!. Is there any way to prevent the logging of events from other scenarios?