Euroscope - Select item from popup list and set it as selected

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can anybody point me to where to look if I want to be able to select an item from a popup list and set it as selected and to work further with it?
I managed to fill a popup with information / items and I now want to show the selection in the list. Furthermore when clicking on one of the items I want to use its name / string to process it further down the line.

Something similar to the default ES SID list e.g. When I select a SID in the list the selection is shown in the list (e.g. departure list) and it is written into the flightplan (= processed further).
I couldn’t find any function in the header file to accomplish this.

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When adding items to the popup list with AddPopupListElement one of the parameters you pass in is FunctionId. When the item is clicked/selected that FunctionId is passed into OnFunctionCall where you can then react to it/process it further. The string that was clicked is also passed into OnFunctionCall as sItemString.

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Thank you very much for the hint. I’m actually using OnFunctionCall to dynamically fill in the PopupList, but it didn’t come to my mind to use sItemString.

A followup question: To write the actual selected entry back into the ES list I would have to use OnGetTagItem right?


Correct. You can have OnFunctionCall update the flight strip annotations or flight plan and then process/look for those changes in your OnGetTagItem function - that is how the ES SID list you mentioned above works (it adds SID/RWY to the FPL and then the TagItem checks for that entry).

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Awesome thank you :slight_smile: I’ll try that.

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