Euroscope Plugin - CRadarTarget.GetCorrelatedFlightPlan().GetExtractedRoute() SID/STAR and Rwys

Hi all,

A question about the content of the GetExtractedRoute() - when in the life of the FlightPlan are SID, D-RWY, STAR, A-RWY added to the GetExtractedRoute() - if ever?

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When the controller selects/confirms the SID or STAR und thus modifies the flight plan.

If the route in the FP starts at the end of a SID and/or ends at the start of a STAR and the associated RWY is active, then ES adds the SID/STAR points immediately.
And of course as Jonas mentioned if a controller specifies the SID/STAR then it is inserted to the FP directly and ES reruns the route point extract.

Trying to rephrase, and please @904331 correct me if I’m telling b *h *t.
The get extracted route represents the route you will also see when using the route prediction function of ES, which includes the assigned SID/STAR or the “assumed/proposed” SID/STAR, which is basically the first entry in the ESE file where the runway correspond to the one you selected and the a match between the first/last (or any?) waypoint of a procedure and the flight plan route of a pilot is found.

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