EuroScope plug-in API upgrade

Thanks Gergely,

It would be great to be able to create Lists that are not linked to the FlightPlan class. They could for instance be linked to the Controller class or something entirely different.

Thanks for your continued dedication.

Stephen Odgaard
Vatsim Scandinavia

Together with new surveillance types, like MLAT and ADS-B, would be an awesome addition! ::

Actually communication via WebSocket has not yet been implemented because I can’t make VectorAudio v1.6+ to work properly on my machine. But it’s a planned update whenever possible.


Hi Gergely,

I’m the author of the plug-in used commonly in Canada (firstly, thanks for answering my emails in such a prompt fashion in the past!). I’d request some sort of way to communicate between controllers, e.g. really just anyway to pass a datapacket or something – we’d use for coordination, point-outs etc), even text is fine, I can parse it on either end.

I think this is basically in Juha’s request:

  • Make it possible to send messages between connected EuroScope instances (to be able to keep plugin data synchronized between the main and all proxy instances)
  • Make it possible to send messages to other controllers’ plugins (and something like OnPlugInMessage as suggested above to handle them)


Hi Gergely,

Is there a simple way to determine the flightphase of an aircraft - eg. Pre-departure vs in-flight vs landed.
Also - the actual departure time is updated automatically, but there is not an actual landing time - is there?
Thanks in advance.


Hey Gergely.

Just asking for a quick update:

  • is Q3 still possible?
  • do you have a list of items you plan to introduce on first release of “refreshed” API library update?

Best wishes asnd have a great summer,

I am planning to create the suggested new API classes this summer. Let’s ask this question again in September :slight_smile:

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