EuroScope feature proposal: faster refresh rate

Hello everyone

Since the release of VATSIM velocity, it is possible to have higher refresh rates as a pilot. I was wondering if it would be possible to also implement this in EuroScope (maybe with a customizable setting for each ASR?) . Higher refresh rates would be useful for e.g. ground radars that also have a higher refresh rate in real life.

Kind regards


To second this request: another benefit of a higher update rate would be the ability to conduct PAR approaches - the current 5s update rate is unfortunately way too low for this type of approach. Additionally, it would generally allow vACCs to set up more realistic update rates - nowadays, there are quite a number of (particularly approach) positions where radars update every single second which allows for more precise and thus efficient base/final turns.
After all, EuroScope already seems to receive these Velocity packages, as is/was evident from the fact that Towerview connections through the proxy receive them, so I feel like this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.