/!\ Eurocenter has a new website /!\

Dear Community,

Greetings. I am thrilled to convey some great tidings: today, we’ve launched a fantastic new website for Upper Area Control enthusiasts! My team and I at Eurocenter vACC have been working relentlessly behind the scenes on this project for a long time and are enchanted with how everything has turned out. The website shares everything you need to know about EuroControl, including our mission, history, and services.

You can also find news, updates about our work and any relevant information about how to get involved! We’re still working on adding new features to the website, but we’re delighted with our progress so far. We hope you enjoy using it!

Why not enrol and commence forging connections with like-minded individuals who share your fervour for en-route control?

Thanks for your continued support as I’m looking forward to seeing you really soon!

My best,


What I would change if I were in your shoes.
There’s no clear sign that this has to do with VATSIM On Line FLIGHT SIMULATION & ATC network.
Yes, there are links further down but always think of someone who visits this website and for the first time and also the ones who might be searching for the real Eurocontrol site.

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Yiasou Kyprianos,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I understand you’re worried about the name of our website, Eurocontrol and Eurocenter. However, I’d like to clarify that both names are self-explanatory. As you may have noticed, our website’s URL ends with .net, includes a hyphen, “vacc,” and our logo is distinguishable from the real deal, which should provide additional clarity. Moreover, we’re pleased to inform we haven’t received any complaints thus far, and like other vACCs, we’ve included a disclaimer at the bottom of our webpage. Do you think this is sufficient?

Hello David, below are my comments. They are not criticism, just technical friendly observations/recommendations.

I still believe you have it wrong in terms of how you communicate the role of this virtual ACC.

We, the virtual pilots & controllers know what a vACC is in VATSIM.
The casual internet visitor of your website has no idea.

  1. The disclaimer at the bottom is too tiny for it to make sure a web visitor does not confuse Eurocenter as a real ACC counterpart.

  2. Nowhere do I see a mention of Eurocenter being part of the VATSIM On Line flight simulation network. There is only a mention of VATSIM at the Useful Links at the bottom.

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Hi Kyprianos,

I am Mufassil, web director for EUC vACC. Your concerns are noted, and I am pleased to inform you that we will be making the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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