ES 3.2.3 send text on freq other than primary

Hello, for reference image
I am unable to send text directly on the chat of any of the freq apart from the one set as Prim. When I write on that, it sends on all 3 of the selected though, but why am I unable to sent the text directly on the other ones?

Hi @904331 a small knock on this, any possible feedback?

Assuming you’re using AndyTWF/afv-euroscope-bridge: Provides a bridge between the Audio for Vatsim standalone client and EuroScope 3.2 (


that is correct, and normal?

Why should you be able to send text on another designated frequency other than on your primary one? This would make disturbance very easy.

on this specific case, 3 completely different freqs are being used
One for Oceanic Delivery
One for Oceanic Control
One for Radar Control

the same way I use voice for each, I’d rather be able to sent text on the frequency that I’m intending to address