Error (403) Forbidden

I flew a successful flight, disconnected from vPilot, left it open with my sim for a couple hours so I could go back and do another flight and it wouldn’t let me connect.

I thought I was banned so I submitted a ticket to vatsim and my account is fine. I also cannot view the servers in simaware or vatspy. It’s as if my ip is banned from anything vatsim related.

I reinstalled vPilot and that didn’t help, I restarted my computer, and that didn’t help, and I have tried to research online and could not find any info on this topic…

Not sure what happened in your particular case, but intermittent upstream outages (outside of VATSIM’s control) can cause this. Our availability is >99%, and I see that since you’ve posted this you’ve been able to connect. Guessing it was an intermittent upstream internet service issue.