Epic Heli Operarions - New Helicopter Virtual Airline

Hello all,
Epic Heli Operations or EHO is looking for Pilots and staff

We are a Rotary wing focused virtual airline, currently operating in the North sea and the British Isles, We have over 300 company routes, spread cross HEMS operations, Offshore operations and PAX operations, However worldwide operations are possible, we have a Duty schedule system, XP and all that other good stuff.

Our roadmap has us establishing our major network within the North West Europe and then opening specialized hubs in helicopter hotspots. We have several hubs planned already just waiting to be opened.

Helicopter operations are often unconventional and for that reason we are taking great care to use all helicopter specific operational procedures we can find for our routes and areas of operation.

We are still growing and are very welcoming to new ideas and feedback, so if it sounds like something of interest check out our discord and say Hi, We don’t focus too heavily on required flying time or similar, we are more about getting more capable informed helicopter pilots into the Air and onto the network.