EGFF ATC Coverage

Hello, Im new to VATSIM. looking at EGFF doesnt appear on the list of airports in the schedule. Is this simply that there are no ATC bookings in that 24 hour period or is it that Cardiff is never covered?

It means that there are no bookings in that period.

Although there may be no ATC bookings for that airport, EGFF may be covered top down by LON_W_CTR or LON_CTR.

VATUK has a useful summary of which area sectors cover which airports.

Thanks both.
Thing is, I’m looking to practice VFR Transits through Cardiff and other’s airspace, I know that this normally involves a handover from Cardiff Radar/Approach to Tower and either back to CDF Approach or sometimes St Athan remaining below 1500’ on their QNH if going East along the coast.
would London Centre simulate this or just give a generic clear you through-report leaving?