EDMM Center Sectors in Germany

Hey there!
Today I’ve noticed that some Center responsibilities in Germany have changed (EDWW not responsible for EDDC anymore, etc…).

I’ve spent the last hour to find information about which _CTR stations are responsible for EDDB, EDDC and EDDP.

https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/aip isn’t showing any information for the aforementioned airports.
VATSIM Germany provides no information about stations.
https://board.vatsim-germany.org no relevant information.
https://knowledgebase.vatsim-germany.org/ is very accurate but only shows me sectors like “EDMMTRS1” which I can’t do anything with (need EDMM_G_CTR, EDMM_O_CTR and the likes…).

EDWW Bremen FIR has got a quite good map of the CTR sectors covering EDDH, EDDW, EDDV and EDVK:

Where can I find any up-to-date information about that topic?
Like in the old VATSIM Germany wiki: Centersektoren EDWW – VATSIM Germany

Any help much appreciated! :smiley:

Try this: VATGlasses

When you select different levels, the airspace (if local ATC is active) will show above the respective airports.

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Thanks Andreas!

Vatglasses can’t display sectors of ATC which is not online currently, right?


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Different levels reveal local ATC-active airspace above corresponding airports, aiding in navigation and safety.