Discotinuties on mcdu did happend because missing sid and star?

always i start flybywire i import the flight plan from simbrief after i load it init i see discutinuties

see in the video what is the problem

As discussed here

all users of the Airbus have this “problem”. It is not an issue.

There actually is a problem when removing discontinuities. Often when controlling in Copenhagen I suddenly see planes arriving e.g. on the MONAK3C arr reaching waypoint ADOVI and turn towards the localizor. If you consult the charts there are some small arrows indication you should maintain the heading after ADOVI, NOT turning untill atc clears you to. This is a sign of pilots, who’ve removed discontinuities blindly. Allways be very carefull, when you alter the flightplan in the FMC/MCDU.

No, there is no problem removing a discontinuity after the last point of a SID, unless it is one of those “after ABCDE fly heading XYZ” procedures.

Please don’t mix things up.

I think it is a problem, when a plane makes a turn towards the localizor, when not cleared fo rthat approach. But I’m not that familiar with how it works in the Airbus. In the Boeing you have the (VECTOR) in the FMC flightplan, but is it in the Airbus?

We are talking about departure procedures, not arrivals/approaches…