Developer/API docs for vatsim


I’m trying to find info on APIs and other dev docs for Vatsim.

So far I’ve only found and sub items. This is fine for receiving streams of data, however I’m looking for docs that (via Oauth of course) allow other things. Like having an external app (outside Euroscope for example) to deal with departure list (flight plans). I want to extend the functionality, UI and workflow so I’d like to make my own windows app for this part of the ATC job.

Does vatsim has options to do that? If yes, where can I find dev docs? Like said, I’ve managed to find only really basic stuff (like controllers online, ratings, filed flightplans etc, mostly “read” data).

Many thanks

In the US, ATC doesn’t see VFR flight plans, so Vatspy shows CRC VFR FP’s as IFR, based on altitude info.

Interacting with flight plans would probably require a connection to FSD, or some plugin for one of the approved ATC clients (like for instance).

Docs for whats available are on

Yes. I went with creating an Euroscope plugin thru which I then communicate with my desktop app.

For now it works, but we’ll see where will I hit the wall wanting something not achievable over Euroscope.