Departure list starts rearranging itself every second. Related to DCL clearances


I am using ES 3.2c but i had this on older versions as well.

I log on as ESOS_1_CTR and when i have one or more DCL clearances in my departure list plus some normal departures, the list looks fine at first.
Then at some point after i have issued the DCL clearances and got ACK back, the list starts rearranging itself back and forth every second so that i can’t click on a specific aircraft and assume it or do anything else with it.
If i am lucky i will hit it correctly and can assume it but it becomes unmanageable to fiddle with this while controlling a large area such as entire Sweden.
Just today it happened and i had to log off due to this.

I am curious if someone has experienced this and have any ideas if this is a software bug or if it’s something that can be solved by changing the way the lists are populated?
EDIT: I don’t know how to change the list population algorithm if it’s even possible :slight_smile:

Best Regards / Jan 812053

What plugin are you using for DCL? Maybe changing the sorting of the list could resolve the issue (in case the sorting is set to an indicator related to the DCL)?

I agree. What column do you use as ordering column in that list?


I am unfamiliar with any plugin for DCL and how to manipulate it’s sorting functions.
These are the plugins i can see in ES:

Where can i find this DCL plugin?

I don’t have any idea on how to find the ordering column in my departure list. Looked in the user guide but can’t find anything.

Perhaps to clarify. I control in Sweden and i think we call it PDC here. Not sure if that makes a difference. Perhaps it’s the same plugin? I am a bit confused because CPDLC and PDC is set up using a server at I have an account there and it sorts this out automagically.

Thanks / Jan

I think you should discuss this issue with your mentor / local staff. They can better give you answer to basic questions regarding the use of ES. Also refer to the online documentation (About EuroScope – EuroScope) for specific questions regarding the use of ES.
Once you know how your setup is composed and what components/plugins you use for which actions, we can continue the discussion here, should it still be necessary. If you find a solution before, please let us know, too.