CTAF - Discussion Thread

Pilots not communicating at all is a sad fact of life. Yesterday I had 3 pilots flying as a group from EKYT to ENTO pushing back, taxiing and taking of without talking to me sitting as Enroute controller in Denmark. While a Supervisor initially got them off the network, they were soon back.
Why fly online, if you do not want to talk to anyone?

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There is now a feedback form y’all can fill out: https://forms.gle/hzJQ4F5JBFa7FQ798

The announcement post on Discord reads:

Dear VATSIM Members,
Since March 1st, 2024, VATUSA has been trialing the use of real-world Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) .
As we near the end of this trial, we need your feedback to help us evaluate its effectiveness.
Why Your Feedback Matters:
• Evaluate the transition from UNICOM to CTAF
• Assess the clarity and accessibility of provided information
• Understand any communication issues or areas for improvement
Please take a moment to complete our feedback form : https://forms.gle/hzJQ4F5JBFa7FQ798
Your input is crucial for enhancing the realism and safety of our virtual skies.
Thank you for your support!

No idea why this hasn’t been posted on the forums yet.

Targeted feedback.

Targeted to whom?