CTAF - Discussion Thread

:rofl: That is a good one.

Well, that was the criticism from day 1. It’s not like you’re taking a working system and making changes there. You’re taking a simple system that already not everyone was using correctly, making it more complex and hoping this will solve the first problem… And, surprinsingly, it doesn’t solve anything. Was on CTAF yesterday in KMSP, while taxiing to the runway, saw another pilot land I never heard from. He either was on 122.8 or some place completely different.

Has this trial improved my overall Vatsim experience at uncontrolled airfields (to use marketing b/s bingo here)? Not at all. The feeling of using a (in case of KMSP non existing) CTAF frequency provides absolutely no satisfaction over the lack of communication.


But people get to turn the pretend knobs in the pretend plane to dial in another frequency! IMMERSION, I tell you! :grin:

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