Cross the Land 2023 Eastbound : Important Reminders

Dear Captains,
As the Cross the Land: Eastbound 2023 event is just around the corner, we want to ensure that everyone is well-prepared for this exciting journey. Our first slot is scheduled to depart at 0800z tomorrow morning, and as part of the planning team, we believe now is the perfect time to share some essential reminders:

1. Up-to-Date AIRAC
We strongly recommend having an up-to-date AIRAC installed for your chosen aircraft. This ensures accuracy and alignment with current navigation data.

2. Aircraft Familiarity
Familiarity with your chosen aircraft is crucial. This is not the time to learn how to operate a new aircraft type. Confidence in your aircraft’s systems will enhance your experience.

3. Verify Your FMC Route
Do not solely rely on imported flight plans from sources like Simbrief or PFPX. Double-check your FMC route against your paper flight plan. Ensure that all waypoints are correctly ordered in your FMC. Even with an outdated AIRAC, the waypoints themselves rarely change, so you can manually add them if necessary.

4. Follow Your Issued Route
Stick to the route you are issued. Deviating from it may lead to reroutes and significant delays. Routes are chosen carefully for a reason.

5. Patience Is Key
While you have a slot, delays can happen, whether due to controller actions or other factors. Please be patient; we are committed to ensuring you have an enjoyable event.

6. Fuel Planning
Fuel planning is a critical aspect of this event. Consider the following factors: Weather Conditions : If your arrival airfield is forecasted to have weather below or close to minimums, carry extra fuel. Slot Timing : Early slots with high-cruising Mach Number aircraft may experience fewer delays. Optimum Flight Level : Plan for not reaching your optimum flight level, as this can significantly affect fuel burn for long-haul aircraft.

7. Frequency Etiquette
Standard VATSIM etiquette applies. Pay close attention to the frequency you are on . Avoid excessive transmissions, and refrain from talking over others. Listening to the frequency before transmitting helps prevent communication conflicts.

Above all, we want to ensure that your Cross the Land experience is enjoyable and memorable. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this event and look forward to seeing you on the scopes. Safe travels, and may your flights be smooth and exhilarating!