CPDLC on Oceanic (NAT) flights?

Hi controllers,

I was not exactly sure where to post this comment, so feel free to move it if it is better suited somewhere else.

The question is quite simple. I am pleased that most of the places in Europe now offer CPDLC as a part of their solution (go USA, I need it there too), but one place where CPDLC would be outstanding is during oceanic flights. I do most of my oceanics over the atlantic, but this goes for the pacific, etc. as well.
So this is really not meant as a rant but a simple question. Where do we stand with offering CPDLC over the oceans?


Hi Michael!
I don’t really know about the Pacific but in the NAT, CPDLC is not mandatory for all controllers. First, we simulate ADS-B, so that a position report is not required. (Unless you don’t have ADS-B equipped on-board). Second, we have SELCAL so that you don’t need to listen to “static” noise on HF as well. But again if you are lucky enough, then controller will provide CPDLC services for you


For Gander/Shanwick it’s entirely optional as mentioned, but there is a guide on it for controllers who wish to use it: Hoppie’s information - Gander Oceanic Knowledge Base