Cpdlc notification

Sur la page 64 du tutorial de l’A320 Toliss, je lis «contact VATSIM controller via voice to retrieve appropriate CPDLC center ID »
Pratiquement que faut-il faire ?
Au rugby, cela s’appelle botter en touche

Hi Jean-Louis,

better type in English, otherwise you won’t receive too much feedback.

On the Airbus the ATC NOTIFICATION can be found when you click (on the MCDU) on the button ATC COMM, then ATC MENU, then NOTIFICATION.

Hello thank you for answer but my question was where can I find the ATC CENTER (4 letters) that I must key in there?
According to the A320 tutorial I must « contact VATSIM controller via voice to receive the appropriate CODLC center »…
For the sake of Tito manual Toliss assume a fictitious ATC center… which is of no use.
Thank you

Ah! You are looking for the “LOGON CODE” of the respective air traffic controller!

For this you’ll have to check the “controller ATIS” that you can see in your pilot client when clicking on the ATCO in question. It will say something like CPDLC logon EDYY. If nothing is mentioned there, chances are that such controller is not offering CPDLC services.

Thank you but where can I find the so called “controller ATIS” ? Sorry I never used ACARS before. Can you help me step by step? Thank you

You get the controller info, when you rightclick at the controllernavn in the vPilot client.