CPDLC, DCDU, "MCDU for Modify

Hello everyone,
today I logged onto the Controller’s CPDLC. He sent me a message onto the DCDU asking for my prefered flight level. The DCDU said “MCDU for Modify” but I don’t know how to do so.
Any help will be appreciated.

What aircraft were you using? FlyByWire A320Neo?

The message meant that you should insert and send your preferred cruise level through the MCDU of your aircraft. If you click on the ATC-button of your MCDU you’ll find all the CPDLC-options.

I was using the Headwind A339neo but it has the A320neo cockpit. I was confused because the space for the text on the DCDU was flashing.

Indeed the avionics of the Headwind A339 are based on the FBW320N.

When you got a message flashing in your DCDU, then you’ll need to acknowledge it.

Maybe these videos will help you:

The only buttons I had were on the right side (“modify” and underneath “send”). When I pressed on “modify” the DCDU said “MCDU for Modify”.

Unfortunately the videos didn’t help.

Do you know what MCDU means?

Of course. It’s the computer underneath the DCDU.

Ok, good. It means that the DCDU is only meant to receive, read and confirm messages/instructions. To enter values (like requested levels etc.) you will need to use the functions on the MCDU and they can be found under “ATC COMM”.

Alright thanks alot.

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