Controllers can't hear me and I can't hear them

30 minutes ago, I received a lengthy PDC message from one of the VATSIM Supervisors. They told me that ATC was trying to contact me for a while now and request I go to that frequency. So, just a little context. I was on UNICOM after departure from JFK. I got a PDC message from Washington Center asking to switch to their frequency. I did and said, “Washington Center DAL4919, FL380.” I got no response. I switched over to text and said the same thing. The controller asked if I was on text only and I said I tried to contact him minutes ago but I got no answer. We agreed to talk over text. I then got told to go to Atlanta Center. I then got a PDC message from the VATSIM Supervisor. I encountered a situation like this before, and I got banned. I need someone to help me because I am still a rookie at this stuff and I don’t want to get banned again.

As long as you are promptly responsive by text and as long as you can communicate by text, there won’t be a reason for a suspension.

Please explore the reasons for your voice not working. Correct device (headset) selected in vpilot? Is there any anti-virus/security program closing ports that are needed for voice? Are you using a wireless headset that may cause issues? Search this forum and the internet for this, you are not the first one to have these issues and you will hopefully be able to resolve them.