Controller Schedules

I found on Discord a log telling which controllers are on for the next 24 hours. But, I only found European locations, nothing for the states. Any help?

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More often than not, controllers come online spontaneously instead of booking a station in advance and not all vACCs even have an option for controllers to book stations. If a place doesn’t have its bookings listed here, you can also check the respective vACC’s website as bookings might be shown there. Other than that, there either is no option for controllers to book stations or the bookings may not be public.

Another - nicer presentation - can be found here: ATC bookings | StatSim
One can even create ATC bookings there.

A more sophisticated way of displaying ATC bookings in tabular AND graphical format (on a world map) can be done in a freeware program called Qutescoop: GitHub - qutescoop/qutescoop: QuteScoop is a status indicator for the online flight simulation community VATSIM, compatible with Windows, Linux and (if you build it yourself) MacOS.

I use it all the time to see who’s currently online and also who has booked ATC.

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I’m happy Andreas mentioned
I can’t be the only one having a hard time reading things on

Statsim has got a really fast search function. When you click on “Tabels” at the top, you can search for any station you want. This is very useful as I search for “CTR” and “APP” bookings as they give me much more ATC covered time than just GND or Tower and I plan my flights according to these schedulings.
Would be a nice statsim feature to show every major airport covered by a Center controller.
I’m sure most people won’t know which airports are covered by EDMM_O_CTR or ENOR_S_CTR without having to do some research…
I’d like to research this data for statsim and invest time in collecting needed data for this feature, but the admin of statsim is only reachable via discord, which I can’t use since I don’t want to give them my phone number :smiley:
If anyone knows who is “felix21” on the VATSIM forums, please DM me.

I think it’s a pity that scheduling ATC sessions is not a thing in North America :frowning:
Once the PMDG 777 is released, I’d love to do North Atlantic flights when I can expect ATC to be online in the US or CA.
Only BOS_CTR and NY_CTR seem to get scheduled from time to time and therefore KBOS and New York Airports would be the only destinations in NA I could plan flights to, which is really sad :frowning:

VATSIM could do more advertisement and raise more awareness for the ATC scheduling system as I’m sure also ATC would benefit from it by getting more Pilots to fly to their covered airports.

Or just use Qutescoop…

For example, this is the ATC booking situation, focussed on Europe, for tonight at 1930z. This is pretty intuitive.

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