Connection issues

Help needed. I’ve used Vatsim with msfs a number of years ago with no issues. I’ve just recently reactivated my account and was looking forward to some realistic swimming with msfs.

However, I’ve a major problem. I connect to Vatsim with vPilot. In the vPilot I can connect to the voice server and in setup I can calibrate my headphones and mic levels no problem . However, when I tune in and try to communicate with a controller only the tx option activates. I can hear ATC & other pilots, but I can’t use voice! My mic works in the setup and also works fine in everything else I do on the pc. I can use discord, group chat etc., no problem.

I’ve tried running both msfs & vPilot in administrator mode - same problem. I’ve kept vPilot to the front - same problem. I’ve tried selecting any other options when selecting the mic - they don’t work at all.

I’m totally out of ideas & it’s so annoying. I reached out to Vatsim but the said they only deal with server/network issues. HELP

Hi Paul, and welcome back?

To help us narrow down possibilities, what from the vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide (vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide - vPilot - VATSIM Community) have you already tried, and what were the results?

Most common issue is failing to run vPilot as an administrator.