Connected but not in server

My vpilot shows I am connected but I am not in a vatsim server nor can I hear anyone even in observer mode. Does anyone know what to do?

What do you mean by “I am not in a vatsim server”? What’s the exact message from vPilot

“Connected to network”
“Connected to voice server”
I can not hear or see anyone even when I am sitting at the gate.
The in game ATC is talking and the planes that I see on screen do not match anything on the vatsim radar but does show on the in game multiplayer radar.
I am showing up on the vatsim radar but I am not actually on the server

Well, are you supposed to hear or see someone?
Is there other traffic at the airport? Is there ATC at the airport? Are you tuned to the correct frequency?

Oh, and turn off all that MSFS ATC and assistance stuff for VATSIM.