CCAMS (Centralised code assignment and management system) plugin

Since there has been some development, I’m introducing again a topic for the CCAMS plugin. For older posts, refer to the previous VATSIM forum.

GitHub repo | Releases | Readme (also visible at the end of the main repo page)

This plugin is designed to support controllers of the VATSIM network when assigning a squawk to aircraft, also especially when the local prescribed squawk ranges are exhausted. The web-based part of the application is acting as the central interface to manage all squawk assignments and will also find alternative, non-used squawks outside the preferential range. Local ops/tech staff may define and fine tune the rule setting for the squawk assignment to comply with regional and local squawk ranges and schemes. This collaboration is done by issue reporting on github. This plugin includes also Mode S functionalities. It is fully capabale to correctly differentiate between FAA and ICAO flight plan format. Additionally, plugin settings are available to customise the plugin behaviour and limit certain functionalities to comply with the vACCs local needs and requirements.

If you observe a functionality issue or if you want to propose a change or a new feature, please create an issue directly on GitHub.
General questions and discussions can be held in this topic. Please make sure to read the documentation before asking.

The current server configuration and assigned squawks can be reviewed at any time in the CCAMS Dashboard. Also have a look at the CCAMS statistics page.

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I’m happy to announce the latest update of the CCAMS plugin. Version 2.3.1 includes a number of improvements addressing the automatic squawk assignment of airborne aircraft and the handling of requests while connected to Sweatbox or a local FSD server. An additional command has been added to reload the plugin configuration data upon request. This shouldn’t be necessary in general, but it will reset the plugin to the same state as when it is initially loaded.

Download: Release CCAMS 2.3.1 · kusterjs/CCAMS · GitHub

Previous version will be disabled a few days after AIRAC 2306.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone using and promoting this plugin. A regular (and growing) user basis and stable operations are the best motivators for continuous improvements and additional features.
Currently, an average of 1000 request are answered per day by the server. On peak days, up to 1800 requests are answered. If you are interested in some more statistics, visit the CCAMS statistics page.