Cannot connect with Audio for VATSim; Configuration?


Totally new user here. Using MS Flight Sim 2022, all up to date.

I have an account on VATSim. I am able to connect with VPilot.

I cannot connect with “Audo for VATSim”. Error dialog states “Could not connect to your simulator” “Please Check Configuration and try again”

My configuration matches the User Guide. No other clue is given. What should I try?

Also I am looking for Rob Shearman’s video on how to turn off ATC in MS Flight Sim. I can’t find it. Please provide a link if you can.

Thank you

The AFV client is not needed when using vPilot; vPilot already contains voice capability.

I’m not sure about a link to Rob’s material, but I hope you find this helpful: BVA | Getting Started Guide

Thank you for the quick reply.
Do I need to uninstall Audio for VAT Sim?

Also, I don’t hear anybody speaking. Is there a test sequence where I can check if things are working correctly?’


You don’t need to uninstall it, but you’ll never use it unless you become a controller.

What have you tried from the vPilot Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide - vPilot - VATSIM Community and what were the results from each step?

OK, I finally got to hear the ATIS in Boston, so I should be good now.
I followed the guide you suggested step by step.

Thank you.