Can We Make the Test To Get Onto VatSim Harder So Gamers Don’t Mess Up The Network?

Hey all…. Too many people fly on VatSim and don’t know what they are doing. Can maybe the Developers make the test harder so only pilots or students that understand it all can get on the network. This would need a balance cause students need a little room for error. But This will help us pilots and very much help the Controllers!!! Let me know what you guys think!!!

Hi Justus, this is a project currently being worked by @810049 and his team.

The quiz is mostly fine the way it is. Probably better PRC to help explain it to people

Alrighty thank you!

That is a very good idea. To day many of the users does not have understanding of Radio use and conduite. They don’t listen before speaking and make a load of unnessesary talk. Many does simply not understand what they are doing.
This from a former ATPL with a lot of hours

Why not extend to current members? If you fail the test (because you don’t “understand it all”), will you be expelled from VATSIM. What’s good the for the goose, is good for the gander.


@1707241 I don’t think making the test harder is the solution. That might discourage new pilots from joining. Perhaps more focus on mentoring newcomers could help ensure they learn proper procedures. Controllers are already busy, but experienced members could volunteer to guide new pilots until they’re comfortable.

and who do you propose would mentor new comers? we already face difficulties training members who need to follow the ATC path, it would be impossible to mentor every member that wants to be a pilot