Can’t hear audio in specific aircraft?

Hello there! Every time I go connect to the VATSIM Network, on a CaptainSim Boeing 777-300ER (On MSFSF Marketplace) I tune on the frequency I call a simple radio check and no response. I check the frequency again, It’s the same. Now, I’ve opened a support ticket about this issue before, and the other agent told me to post my issue on the Discord. And so I did. They said they have no idea why. Any ideas?

Which frequency?

Basically, any frequency I tune the airplanes radio onto

Not much info to go on here, so I’ll ask some elementary questions.

  1. Is your issue only when you use that aircraft? Meaning, have you had success with other aircraft, but just not that aircraft?
  2. Are you sure there is ATC online on the frequencies you are trying?
  3. If no, have you tried on unicom (just a quick radio check, not a long process) within 15 miles of other aircraft?
  4. If yes to either 2 or 3, have you verified via text (DM or on freq) if other parties can you hear you and you just can’t hear them?
  5. What steps from the vPilot Tips, Trips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide have you tried, and what were the results?
  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. No

  5. I looked everywhere, there were no articles related to my issue, so no.

Post a picture of vPilot and your airplane radios

I have an old screenshot of those. Basically, the pilot client would think I was tuned on a different frequency. Say for example, ground frequency is on 119.05 and my pilot client would say my COM 1 is tuned on 135.25

You have VHF C selected. Try VHF L and VHF R, they’re the ones probably bound to COM1/COM2

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Ok, so I have an issue here. My plane was still on VHF C and I tried to switch it between VHF R and VHF L but it wouldn’t let me change it.

I don’t use that aircraft. Part of me is wondering if it’s an aircraft problem. All the usual jokes about CaptainCrap aside ( :rofl: ), does anyone else fly this aircraft that might be able to help Giuseppe?

Ok, so it seems no one flies the CaptainCrap 777 which I can honestly agree with. Is there another good studio that makes the 777-300 ER that is between 30-60 bucks?

There is none for msfs currently, only for p3d and x-plane (and fsx of course)

If you can’t in fact change the frequencies in the cockpit, I would suggest to reach out directly to Captainsim so they can correct the issue and meanwhile right click on the frequency you want to tune in vPilot or use the command “.com1” to change frequencies

I’ve tried that command to tune to a COM 1 frequency and that worked. Thanks for your hep!

You can make your own Radio Check by tuning Com1 and Com2 to the same frequency. Make sure that you have VPilot set to receive on both (.com both) key mike or a simple check should tell you if your com is working.

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