Can I pause vatsim flights?

Can I disconnect from vatsim, put active pause on and then leave for an hour and then reconnect and turn off active pause? This would be at cruise not a critical stage of flight.

Yes. Supports the concept of not having unattended connection.

When you reconnect, it’s a good idea to first reconnect as an observer to make sure you’re not going to give anyone else a TA/RA. Then if there’s nobody around you, reconnect as normal. If you’ve been offline for a while you might need to refile your flight plan.

Hi James,

As a friendly reminder. Ensure you aren’t connecting in active controlled airspace. If you notice a controller online. You can connect as an observer and private message the controller asking them if it is okay to connect in the air paused to resume your flight. If approved you can then reconnect as an active pilot. Take a look at the VATSIM Coc below - section B2:

B2 is about pausing if I am not wrong. I have often reconnected in controlled airspace without the use of pause.

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Thanks for all the help, I will read it now.

Yes you’re correct!
I should of rephrased “you shouldn’t” with “its curtesy to let the controller know before you do”. I guess at the end of the day It comes down to being aware of your surroundings :slight_smile: