Build against fuse3 for Ubuntu

The Linux version of xPilot is build with the library FUSE. Ubuntu 22.10 itself ships with a newer version “fuse3”.

Now it happens, there is a problem when installing the older “fuse”. I.e. the desktop libraries are being removed. As a result there is no Desktop environment anymore. Only the shell.

Request: please link against the “fuse3” library instead or enforcing older “fuse”.

For background, see this thread:

Thx, in advance.
PS: i am not an expert, so apologize for using the wrong terms

I don’t think xPilot by itself uses FUSE but rather only the app packaging (AppImage).

They advise installing libfuse2 only: FUSE · AppImage/AppImageKit Wiki · GitHub

You can also try using the plain ./xPilot (non-AppImage) executable from the (under “Assets”) from the release Releases · xpilot-project/xpilot · GitHub. I am using that (on Manjaro) because it allows me to update and keep multiple versions more easily.

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