Best screen for MSFS

Hello Pilots,
What are your suggestions for a screen MSFS ?
27 inch
32 inch ?
4K or not ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

In my opinion,

32inch 4k Monitor is the best for immersion but your pc must be able to render the sim in 4k and at descent framerate for good experience. You can even look at 27 inch at 2k res which is not too bad. In terms of res, a general rule of thumb is 24inch (1080p/2k), 27inch (2k), 32inch (4k).


Thanks Rahul :slight_smile: Have a great day

I use a 47" 4K TV and render in 4K on a RTX3080 at high settings on MSFS and run 40FPS or so.

Thank you NATHAN I will look for some screen